I am a Software Engineer based on Silicon Valley, working on application of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Software. I am specially interested in applying Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing. Earlier, I co-founded Litehouse where I created a voice-first UX for home control using rule-based language processing. The startup failed and I learned a ton!


I started my career in the U.S. as a Software Engineer at Intel. I developed everything from security algorithms, low power logic to car infotainment products. I brought together a group of 40 people to propose technology direction for Intel in the smart device segment, reviewed papers at Intel’s #1 internal conference DTTC and presented in couple other internal conferences.


During my college, I built and sold a rule-based language conversion software for Bengali language.

I am a native of Bangladesh, graduated with a Masters in Computer Science and tri-lingual.


Contact me at nahid[dot]m[dot]alam@gmail.com